The Application includes all the basic information needed from applicants, such as their graduation year, the date of their National Speech and Debate Society Induction Ceremony, and their contact information. 

The coach's affidavit is to be filled out by the coach in its entirety. No portion of this document is to be filled out by the applicant, applicant's parents, or any person other than the main coach attesting to the validity of the application and the fitness of the applicant. 

The coach's affidavit should be filled out last, so the coach may review the contents of the application and find no fault with signing off on their content. 

The Tournament details document is a list of the competitions that the applicant has competed in. For verification purposes, the National Speech and Debate Honor Society needs to the tournament name and location, as well as the date, so that any random verification may be done as the reviewers see fit. 

What might be the most important part of the application, the signed code ofconduct, must be attested to with the utmost of intent. The Speech and Debate  Honor Society is committed to excellence, not only in communication endeavors, but also in the personhood of its members beyond their immediate forensics speech. A signed code of conduct is a required part of every application.