As a speech and debate coach, we understand the vast undertaking you put on your shoulders each and every academic year. Forensics coaches are in both an amazing and precarious position. This activity shapes and molds young minds, it finds the tiniest nugget of possibility and turns it into greatness. 

Because of the nature of forensic competition, speech and debate coaches are often teaching drama, research skills, writing skills, presentation skills, argument, and logic. They are bus drivers, food couriers, and a seemingly endless source for index cards and pens. The vast amount of work and versatility required of a speech and debate coach is innumerable, and we are sorry to say that we are asking even one more thing of you.

It is the coach's responsibility to verify the content of the applications is true to the best of their knowledge. We at the Speech and Debate Honor Society will be doing random checks on tournament entries, GPA requirements, and application information, but we can't be everywhere at once. That is why we ask you coaches to be our partners in ensuing a worthwhile and prestigious institution. By checking on the applications of your students we can be certain without a shadow of a doubt that the caliber of the membership of the National Speech and Debate Honor Society stays high.