About Us 

     Recognizing the powerful tool communication can be, the National Speech and Debate Honor Society seeks to support and distinguish those students putting forth the effort to further education and ethics through communication. 

     We view fruitful discourse as the cornerstone of a free society. Language choice and presentation can reveal a powerful, strong, and compassionate individual, or, conversely, it can reveal a weak, hesitant, and uncaring person. Communication denotes the way we think, present our arguments, and it puts on display the type of people we are and the people we want to become.

     The institution of Speech and Debate instills and furthers the positive aspects of communication, in a forum that allows for the open exchange of ideas. As a collective, speech and debate supports opinions and styles, it helps further research and writing skills, it teaches students not only to let go of fear they have in the expression of their hopes and dreams, but to embrace their personal voice. Through all this, speech and debate does not discriminate based on backgrounds, ethnicity, or differences; it celebrates them.

      The National Speech and Debate Honor Society began as a way to show students they should be proud of their accomplishments in the field of public communication. Due to the unique and lasting skill set speech and debate imbues in the members brave enough to deliver their first speech, The National Speech and Debate Honor Society felt the need to highlight those students willing to forge ahead and continue in an activity that is demanding, time consuming, and valuable.

     We are a non profit organization focused on upholding students that have achieved their very best through Speech and Debate.